Fabric is a reflection of your image

We inspire, nurture, and provide for creativity!

With over 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves in offering the best textiles and accessories for the best prices, while providing personalized and innovative services. Your choice of pattern and colors can enhance your design and even affect your mood.

Mix, match and make your space

You’ve decided to make some changes in your space. Perhaps it’s time for a little more sophistication in your choice of fabrics. Or you really feel that contemporary blinds will light your room better than those heavy curtains you have. Perhaps you’re not sure what you want, but you do know you’d like someone to give you expert advice.

We’d love to be the people who make those changes happen for you. If you need a beautifully made colorful sofa, subtle white blinds that fit your windows perfectly, or some intelligent advice on how to enhance your rooms, you’ve come to the right place.

Our fabrics are sophisticated yet fun, because life is not meant to be taken too seriously and neither is design. The result is a unique range that is trend-setting, not trend following.

Call us today, because we don’t believe that soft furnishings should be hard work!

Fabrics that hit your home

Add a luxurious touch to your space

Fabrics and textiles

We take care of every aspect of your indoor & outdoor furniture from loose covers to chesterfield loungers or benches.

Fabrics from Chenille to Velvet and leather as well as the very famous Suede fabric used for home use as well as for heavy public spaces use such as restaurants night-clubs and theaters.

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Curtains and rollups

We have an enormous selection of curtain fabrics to match any taste. Whether you are looking to create a minimalist motif or a vibrant atmosphere, brimming with bright colors and striking patterns, we are sure to have a design to suit your style.

Ranging from simple curtains, underlays to very trendy fabrics for bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a wide variety of pure Indian Silks plain and embroidered.

Our vast collection of colors comes in every imaginable shade, from cool blues, passionate pinks to a wonderfully diverse range of patterned curtains, ranging from floral prints to bold patterns, guaranteed to provide a fantastic focal point in your exterior.

Specially made for exterior use, 100% acrylic, Teflon protected the very well known Recasens Spanish made as well as the Docril quality Spanish too. Enjoy the Sun while being in the shade, protect yourself and your balcony while adding a nice touch of style to your place.

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Awnings and brackets

Made in Spain with wide variety of measurements and sizes manual or with electrical motorization.

Enjoy the sun while being in the shade, protect yourself and your balcony while adding a nice touch of style to your place. That’s what external curtains are meant to be used for. From a balcony to a nice terrace or a beautiful restaurant patio, all outdoor spaces will be more comfortable with protection of an outdoor fabric.

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Wallpaper adheres easily and smoothly to walls, hiding many surface imperfection. It can add warmth, depth, and style to a room that monotone paint simply cannot achieve. Beautiful designs, intriguing textures, and beautiful prints available for fixing at your place within few days from now.

All our Wallpapers are European Made. German, French or Belgium.

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Tassels, Fringes, Tiebacks & much more…

What makes some curtains stand out from the rest? What gives your room decor an instant glamour fix? Like any aesthetic style, it is the accessories that make all the differences. Fringes and tassels can make all the difference to a curtain design.

At Irani, clients can choose from a wide variety of styles. From tiebacks, various fringes and tassels, clients are guaranteed to find something to suit their curtain design or other upholstery.

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The ultimate services and experience

What makes us different?


Quality products

We have selected high-end quality products from around the world. All items are shown made up in all of our showrooms.


Expert service

Professional advice at all stages whether you are buying 1 roller blind or a fully integrated home automation for a whole house.


1000's of fabrics

With over 1000 fabrics to choose from you could easily get over-whelmed with our unique fabric and textile collection.


Measuring service

Using the home measuring service ensures you get peace of mind knowing your curtains or blinds will be measured by experts.

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